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'60s and '70s. Here are some pictures and info of a selection of the things we've found.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

An elegant bowl by Larholm, Norway. A mysterious recent find.

A couple of weeks ago, I found this small bowl at a local second-hand sale. It was priced at less than £1 and so I bought it. Not because it was so inexpensive but because I really liked it. The bowl is signed on the base in a hand-painted script Larholm Norway with the number 50. And to be honest, that's a name I hadn't come across before. Initial searches on Larholm pottery have not revealed much information either. So it's all a bit of a mystery really.

Even so, it's got an elegant curving shape and a delicate decoration. Fine trailed lines with blobby endings – like icing on a cake – stand off in relief against a matt black background.

I'll let you know if I find any more information. In the meantime, you'll just have to make do with the pictures.


  1. Hi,

    I am a norwegian who just came across your site. Larholm is well known in Norway. Lately it has become very popular again as collectors item. You were very lucky to find a nice piece for that price. I guess you could get over twenty times as much for it. Especially the white and black decor is popular.

  2. Hello Anonymous reader from Norway. Thank you for the comment and for the information. I'll certainly be on the lookout for more Larholm pottery.

  3. I found 8 gorgeous larholm plates (platters? Chargers?) at a local auction. 3 have horses, 3 have floral motif, 2 have amazing geometric pattern. I just love them, would love to find more and to learn more about the kiln and artists. I wonder if there is a book about Norwegian pottery that might have info.