Hello. We like to collect well-designed vintage pottery (and lots of other stuff) from the 1950s,
'60s and '70s. Here are some pictures and info of a selection of the things we've found.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Hornsea Pottery Studio Craft, 1960. Who needs colour?

Who needs colour?

Not if you have shape and texture like this.

I like how the shapes are nicely varied. There's a tall torpedo-shaped fluted vase, a Y-shaped jardiniere and a squat-shaped bowl. Two of the pots have a wonderful texture of carefully arranged raised dots or pimples (named as White Bud). The silky transparent glaze leaves only the colour of earthenware clay.
These elegant and subtle vases are by Hornsea Pottery and they were designed by John Clappison. The name of the range is Studio Craft, Home Decor and they date from 1959 - 1962.

My favourite is the small bowl. It was made in 1960 but it's another one of those well-designed items that looks as modern today as the day it was made.


  1. It's great to find another blog highlighting the innovative designs which Hornsea Pottery created. Through documenting like this it keeps the name living on.... excellent.
    Have you visited the new extension at Hornsea Museum which houses the most complete collection of all the Hornsea pots salvaged after it closed? Well worth a trip, so many beautiful pots to drool over!

  2. Thanks, Patty. I must find time to visit the museum. And, after seeing your photos, am tempted to call into Scarborough whilst I'm in the area.

  3. The three of them look SO great together. I totally agree - white is beautiful.