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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Denby Potters Wheel by David Yorath. An eye for style.

Denby is an internationally known name associated with the design and production of high-quality pottery. Over the years Denby have made countless ranges of tableware in their satisfyingly heavy, hard-wearing stoneware. And very nice it is too.

But away from the coffee cups, dinner plates and salt pots, you can occasionally find a strand of Denby pottery that deserves its own special mention. And, in my view, this is one such range.

This is Potters Wheel by Denby Pottery. Designed by David Yorath and producd in 1973 or 1974, I suppose items such as these – vases, lidded pots, small bowls – would be termed as giftware. There is a large range of Potters Wheel tableware which is perfectly fine but somehow not quite as eye-catching as these examples.

And there's certainly plenty to catch the eye. The bodies have nice contrasting finishes. Bands of matt surfaces sit next to richly coloured glossy surfaces. Rings of raised clay dots add a subtle texture and an appealing tactile element. The variable colour schemes and uncomplicated shapes work well too.

Although made by a huge company known mainly as a mass-producer, these carefully designed items seem to have a hand-crafted individuality to them. And that's one of the reasons why I'll be keeping an eye out for more.
There's a bit more information on Potters Wheel here: Potters Wheel on Retro Pottery Net


  1. who took these pictures? would it be ok to use them in a blog about my work?
    dave yorath

    1. Hello David, I take all the pictures for Potshots myself. You're perfectly welcome to use the images on your blog, if you like. A credit to Potshots would be nice but that's up to you. I'd be very interested to see the blog when it's ready. Please could you let me know. Many thanks.

  2. Wow I just bought a vase exactly like the long vase on the first picture for 50 cents at the Salvation Army this past Friday.
    I love their looks, been hunting for a cup-reason going to places like Salvation Army-Nice to know I got something nice.