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Friday, 8 February 2013

1970s playtime. Make your own sculptures with Galt Octons

How cool is that?

I made it all by myself, you know.

Forgive me but I've been messing about with a vintage toy I found recently. And great fun it is too.

In the age of complicated electronic toys and games, who would have thought you could get so much pleasure from something as simple as creating sculptures from bright coloured, interlocking, plastic octagons. They do say simple things amuse simple minds.

Funnily enough though, what you could end up with is a very stylish object: a visual, light catching sculpture that would look superb on display in the window area of a modern interior. And your sculpture is, of course, infinitely variable for when you feel like a change.

The toy is Octons by UK manufacturer, Galt Toys. I would guess this version dates from the 1970s.

C'mon, don't pretend you wouldn't like a go too.

(Added 27 June 2013) It looks like Galt Toys are still going strong today - and they're still making a version of Octons: Galt Octons


  1. wow, they are amazing...I cant remember them at all...they should be re-released!

  2. I remember them! I'd love to own a set, they're so great! As a child I didn't think of the sculptural qualities, but now I'd definitely make a sculpture that would change all the time:-) Great find!

  3. I had the round version of these! Loved them...!

  4. Hi there,

    I work for Galt Toys, would you mind linking to us in your article?

    Nice blog post- we love the pictures!



    1. Hello Tim, Glad you liked the post. It's a great product and it looks like there's quite a following for the vintage version. Have added a link to the Galt website. Feel free if you want to mention Potshots or use the images on the Galt Toys blog.

  5. I had these as a kid, and when I found some in an op-shop (that's australian for charity shop) today I was pretty happy. I had no idea what they were called, so thank you for your post, otherwise I would have been stuck in a google vortex for ages trying to find "octagonal perspex construction toy 70s"!