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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A Scheurich vase with subtle decoration. Surely not?

Just a quick blog-post to show you this good looking vase from West Germany.

I'm fairly sure this is by the Scheurich factory. I would say that the vase dates from the 1970s. As far as these West German vases go, this one has quite a restrained, dare I say subtle, decoration. There are repeated motifs in red 'lava' glaze on a deep blue background.

Collectors of 'fat lava' seem to have waited a long time for it to happen, but I get the feeling that this type of pottery is slowly becoming desirable and that prices are beginning to gradually rise.

For more detailed information on West German pottery and some great pictures, there's an excellent blog here: Blurat blog

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  1. 100% Scheurich but I've not seen that glaze before. Love it! Emma