Hello. We like to collect well-designed vintage pottery (and lots of other stuff) from the 1950s,
'60s and '70s. Here are some pictures and info of a selection of the things we've found.

Friday, 21 September 2012

A bit more Midwinter Cassandra

Dashing about a bit today so not much time to do a proper blogpost.

Just time to post a few more pictures of the Midwinter Cassandra range. And to share a link - there's some good information on the history of Midwinter pottery, here: Midwinter history


  1. I would love to own that teapot, I have a clock plate but that one is divine! Do you have a copie of the midwinter book? Worth it , if you don't!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Pippa. Yes, I do have the Midwinter Pottery book and I agree, it's very good. Midwinter Pottery, a Revolution in British Tableware by Steven Jenkins (published by Richard Dennis). I also have another - Midwinter, a Collectors' Guide by Alan Peat (published by Cameron and Hollis) that's a good one too.

  2. I love Midwinter! I bought a teapot set (with plate, bowl and jug) a couple of months ago. The shape is just brilliant. Love these colours and the lid.