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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Soholm Erika vase. Vintage textured stoneware from Denmark

The first thing that strikes you about this pottery is the charm of the warm, earthy colours. But it's when you pick one up and look closely at the surfaces that you see the real beauty lies in the wonderful textures. The base of the vase and the underside of the bowl are left unglazed. The surface of the vase is pitted and pot-marked, and there's a genuine hand-made quality to the object.

This is Erika, a range of handmade stoneware items designed by Poul Brandborg and made at Soholm, Bornholm, Denmark. I would imagine they date from the early 1970s.

As you may have gathered, I'm a big fan of vintage Danish ceramics. If you are too, I posted some more recently here and here

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