Hello. We like to collect well-designed vintage pottery (and lots of other stuff) from the 1950s,
'60s and '70s. Here are some pictures and info of a selection of the things we've found.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

And not only the pottery was well designed at Hornsea

As is probably obvious by now, I'm a big fan of Hornsea pottery. Some of the ceramics they produced in the 1960s and 1970s is, in my view, superbly designed.

It's always exciting when I manage to find an item of such well designed pottery - especially if it's within my budget. Finding Hornsea pottery in its original packaging is doubly exciting. For one, you can expect the contents to be in perfect condition - and it usually is. But secondly, because the packaging itself is so well designed.

The examples shown here are from the mid 1960s. The red boxes 1966, the white box 1964 to 1965. The designs are clean and restrained. With a modern sanserif typeface and graphic elements derived from the 'spiral' Hornsea logo used at that time.

I'm affraid I don't know who was responsible for the design of the packaging during this period. If anyone has any idea, I'd love to know.

And what's in the boxes? Well, I'm saving that for a future post.


  1. The packaging in question along with the Hornsea symbol was designed by John Clappison.

    1. Ah ah. I wondered if John Clappison had been the designer. They certainly look to have been done by someone with a keen eye for design. Thank you for the information.